Commercial Buildings Cleaning Services

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Thank you for considering MS&G Home Solutions, LLC. for all your commercial cleaning needs! We offer attention to detail, quality assurance, strong customer relationships, carefully screened and trained employees, and affordable pricing. As a business, you want to put your best foot forward to your customers, and a clean and professional establishment is a great start!


Knowing all this, how can you afford to NOT try us?

With MS&G Home Solutions, LLC. you can feel safe and secure inviting us into your office. We are a licensed, bonded and insured company. Our employees are trustworthy, dependable, and careful. A combination of employee experience, ongoing employee training, and cleaning checks regularly performed by management will ensure your satisfaction. They have been trained to know what products and techniques to use for a safe and effective cleaning!

Commercial cleaning services include, but are not limited to:

>  General 

  • Spot clean entrance glass
  • Wipe/dust open area
  • Empty/line trash bins
  • Clean/sanitize drinking fountains
  • Clean kitchen sinks, counters
  • Spot clean exterior kitchen appliances
  • Spot clean kitchen walls/cabinets
  • Spot clean interior glass
  • Dust ledges
  • Dust/sanitize phones
  • Dust office equipment
  • Detail dust desks/counters
  • Dust clocks, pictures
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture
  • High dust vent, lights, corners, etc.
  • Low dust corners, chair legs, etc.
  • Dust sills, blinds, baseboards
  • Spot clean switches and doors
  • Decob/clean doorjams/corners
  • Empty/clean ashtrays
  • Dust vending machines
  • Clean/organize/stock janitorial closet

> Washrooms 

  • Clean and sanitize toilets, sinks, urinals
  • Clean/polish chrome
  • Fill/stock supplies
  • Clean glass, mirrors
  • Vacuum carpets and mats
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Dust/clean dispensers
  • Spot clean walls

> Floors 

  • Sweep resilient floors
  • Mop resilient floors
  • Sweep and mop all hard floor surfaces
  • Vacuum all carpeting

> Medical 

  • Dust exam beds/chairs
  • Clean/sanitize exam beds/chairs
  • Dust/clean equipment as directed
  • Disinfect door handles
  • Dust scales/exam lights
  • Clean/sanitize counters

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